Making an archive for humanity or smth................NO ALIENS

#006 Which day of the week is your town/city/country/sector trying to get rid of?

Ppl have been tryna get rid of Sunday here but obviously lots of ppl are getting really angry over it. Like there's a bunch of protests outside the churches.

Honestly I feel like everyone is just trying to cut off the “bookend" days of the week but like Hear me out
Let's get rid of Wednesday.
Nobody will miss it.

Author's note:
I feel kinda betrayed that the death beam appeared from the same megastructure as the Fleen. Feels not great.

Idk I still kinda cry here and there when thinking about the Fleen. Maybe I should go to the Fleen place and just knock on the gates and ask about it but tbh I don't feel like starting a conversation with the aliens is ever really a good idea. But MAN I'm dying to find out more… I want more Fleen time. You'd think they'd start selling it or smth lol. I've seen a few aliens selling weird shit.

Apparently everyone had the death beam come from different structures depending on where you live and what kinda stuff you got in your town and if the aliens have touched it much. Makes me wonder… maybe there's another Fleen? Maybe our aliens just rock 😎 (they don't). Fleen pursuers let's keep looking

btw, urban exploration is a hot mrket rn all im saying, with how mucked up gov entities are rn they dont have the structure to check out all the cool (awful) alien stuff. except apparently they still have the gaul to add those like anti skater/homeless things everywhere.

Edit: lotta wednesday defenders in comments, I'm disappointed smhsmh
Edit²: you guys WOULDN'T GET IT, you guys aren't fleenpilled like me smh. Come visit fuck shit city and I'll have the last laugh
Edit3: I'm gonna kill you guys