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#007 Loose fing Change

Can someone explain the new currency system? I'm actually going to blow my brains out. What the fuck is the difference between the stupid little green coin and the medium sized lime one. Should I save the little gear ones for expensive purchases or should I not worry about that? Also, WHY DO THEY HAVE SO MAN COINS AND COIN SLOTSY?????????????!??

Edit: someone's started to compile a list of currencies by region sector n city. Look up Carl Coin cache. Actually life saving. The niche hobbyists are finally getting bang out of they degrees give em some love
also idc im not fixing my syntax errors btw i got as in school writing ill have you know
we just be on the stream of conscious beat

Edit ²: so I'm not convinced yet but it looks like getting the chip card is worthwhile since it's more compatible with MOOOSSTT? Machines n shit. Idk still looks pretty inconsistent but might be worth. Also, it's a bit diff in my city, the fee is kinda steep

Edit3: parently sometimes they put trackers in chip cards, but you can remove them at a mikcro centre
Edit 4: apparently parently isn't a real word.