Making an archive for humanity or smth................NO ALIENS

#005 The Rug (part 0)

Today, it seems like I have a blue rug with polka dots on it.
I didn't buy it, and I never would. But this is the sort of stuff I have to deal with on a daily, if not hourly basis.
Sometimes, new objects, technologies, or reality breaking things just sort of show up aroun town, and that's how things are now
This rug is the only thing thats changed in my flat tho. it seems like it's just some sort of quantum rug now. Miss my old one that just one day got replaced SOMEHOW?!, but it's actually kinda cool.
Every day, it ends up changing into a new rug. Once midnight passes and I look away from it, it changes into a new rug.
Incredible party trick. I haven't seen or heard anyone else who has this.
However yea, this is the only cool thing that has appeared in my house. not sure if i want any more it’s kinda horrifying.

Author's note:
Might start using my quantum rug as an excuse to post a simple post when I don't wanna write up a whole thing.
Maybe I'll start doing a “rug of the day"

Makes me want to get back into painting tbh. So I guess, thanks aliens, for this one thing.

Also: does anyone else have anything like this? Am I the only one with a fucky rug?