Making an archive for humanity or smth................NO ALIENS

#036 Sick of of ordering pizza

I get that like the aliens are trying to hold together this society but I really just can't do it, like how the fuck could you come to someone's planet and fuck up their best food. Like, imagine losing your planet’s PIZZA

Guys you don't go to gleeblib and fuck up Yulbrikk

Bean note: this is about to sound messed up but this is kinda what it was like to get colonised I bet. Except instead of being evil Europe bullshit, it's otherworldly soft ordainment(?) I feel like I was on to something writing this but I'm about to pass out

Morning Edit: ok some of you are saying you guys are having the same pizza you've always had and now I'm mad. Fleen wouldn't let this happen

Morning edit²: I'm not in the United States I'm in ???, Alberta (try looking it up I dare you, watch what you'll find. Google is crying .You guys are like Santa deniers about to get proven wrong)