Making an archive for humanity or smth................NO ALIENS

#035 Gonna quit

Guys, it's over. I went outside of my apartment and there was this massive fucking flesh creature dead in the street. The sewers were overflowing with blood but it smelled like a department store???? I'm so fucking done with this shit. I wanna go home man. I'm never leaving the house again

Author's note: not quitting the blog , just wishing I could quit out of this nightmare and go back to like… idk, shitty local politics being the most notable thing. despite local news being kinda hilarious now.

Edit: 12 hours updateI'm alright now, just trying to think about making an escape route in the back of the apartment because zoning laws don't really exist anymore. If anyone knows where I can get a cheap print gun lmk plzzzz I'm begging you.