Making an archive for humanity or smth................NO ALIENS

#003 The Fleen

Ok today's topic is…
This thing. (foto: me)

That's the weird light. The Fleen Light, everyone's collectively named it. Don't ask how. I don't know how, but we all collectively just called it that. Not in a weird way, it just stuck I guess. ANYWAYS. It's this llight sitting high in the city coming from this one alien megastructure. It's just one of the unexplainable wonders slash horrors of our new reality.

Upon first observing the Fleen Light, you'll be able to see colours that you have never seen before. This dazzling array of the most enchanting, beautiful hues. And then after about three seconds, it fades into this ugly shade of green and never ever goes back.

People will show up in town and you'll see them have a moment of occular shock, and bliss… before getting hit by this wave of eye sobriety.

Author’s note;
I've seen a few car crashes happen because of the Fleen. It's kinda fucked up tbh


it's embarrassing to admit, but I've been sulking over the loss of colour since I first saw and lost it. I can't comprehend what I saw ever since my three seconds ran out, and it really bums me out. A few times I've cried over it, .

Like everything that happens in THE FORBIDDEN CITY (what they were calling us today on the news) it sounds pretty unbelievable, but seriously. You have to understand, this shit is CRAZY. Like, it actually messes with you how much it genuinely effects you.

btw getting that photo was the most nervewracking shit ever i might have trespased into a random office building for the shot (all in the name of the shot yknow)