Making an archive for humanity or smth................NO ALIENS

#1 earth is donezo

Bad news.
Earth was invaded by aliens.
Rather, aliens unquestionably conquered Earth.
It didn't even take a week, or a few days.
It's taken three agonising months

No weapons of mass destruction were used to raze our world
No brainwashing or subterfuge occurred
No mass enslavement of our piddly humankind
Just the absolute, mild domination of earth.
No politician, world leader, nor general of any army can lift a finger to the freaky little dudes who summoned a new unsolicited era onto earth. Or Dolblab 1624b-5 as it has been officially renamed.
Sadly, what this all means is that whilst everything has changed,
Nothing has changed at all, and as a result, I still have to pay my bills, and go work for my stupid boss.

Because of course, not even an invasion or total conquering of our planet could stop the fact I gotta work a 50 hour work week.

Author's gnote:
I don't know if this blog is going to be safe from the aliens, or if they even give a shit, but here it is. I guess I'll keep up to date. I've been kinda reeling from life lately and I feel like it's really hard to express how taxing this all has been.

I half want to preserve this history and half wanna vent and maybe like get comments so please do if you have any experiences you wanna share