Making an archive for humanity or smth................NO ALIENS

#031 My landlord was replaced by an alien

This dude lurks around the building and I don't think I really feel safe anymore.

I just don't get it, why they won't talk with us. Why don't they SPEAK with us. They're fine with writing instructions down and digital messages n stuff but it's like they'll do anything to make sure that we can't have the satisfaction of knowing that we're speaking to intelligent species

Wish we could get along, but the reality is that humanity has been conquered. Sure, aliens live amongst us, but they don't really. They just occupy the space around us, work around us, work using us, and… blegh. Idk.

Edit: I know you guys have been enjoying the silliness of this blog and I have too, but like… idk, I wasn't kidding when I wanted to like. Make a little archive for humanity. One that's niche enough to be overlooked and forgotten, but “significant “ enough to be found one day in the future. Maybe this won't be forever ykonw. And also like, sometimes you just gotta be real. I hope you guys doing mind

I know it sucks to talk about, but I think about the future every day. I have to make ends meet, make sure I don't get killed (and then rematerialised), etc.

Edit2: I've said this in comments but my backspace key is really finicky and also Idgaf

Edit3: NO I DO NOT HAVE A GAMER GUNK KEYBOARD I'M NOT A GAMER I spilled coffee on my laptop once but I riced that shit up