Making an archive for humanity or smth................NO ALIENS

#025 Update for the Fleenies

So. I was brave today. I knew that the Fleen megastructure was some kinda like generator (?) Complex, but I randomly decided to do some urban exploration (definitely didn't get scared after seeing an alien on the street) (but I did some sick ass parkour to escape even though bro Def saw me)
I looked in from a higher point around the back, and I saw a fuckin like … ok you know the shit from that one monster movie… the animated one with the scene where the dude stuffs the toys down the toilet (I forget why) and the eyeball guy + lizard. It was like the shit with the doors. I swear that place actually is like a TTRPG super dungeon

Edit: I will never ever live stream and I'm too scared to take photos of that place Edit: THEY MADE A PREQUEL TO THAT MOVIE??? THAT'S LIKE MY COUSINS FAV MOVIE I DON'T THINK SHE KNOWS
Edit: she knew