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#022 Looking for Human Carwash guide

I keep falling into human carwash traps and it's been affecting my hours bad. Any That City-ites know of any comprehensive guides or maps of them?

Edit: ok APPARENTLY this is just a Stupid City thing 。you guys need to calm tf down. This is practically This city culture at this point why I oughta .
Let me explain for any new views on this post:
One of the wonderful technologies the aliens have provided us here in CITY include these like compact human car washes.
They've hidden these car washes beneath the city streets all over, and they're accessed by stepping on certain grates, tiles, or sidewalks. For whatever fucking reason, of course.
It's pretty convenient, but not unless you know where each of them are.
People have tried putting up signs to inform passerbys of these pressure plate type traps, but they're always stolen or wiped away by the aliens.
Anyways, once you step on one of these tiles, the floor below you gives out and you fall into a pair of roller blades that are pushed by those little carwash rolls things that slowly guide you through a human car wash (you can't go off the track btw it just doesn't work)
It's… not that bad. The machines shine your shoes, your clothes get cleaned somehow, as if they were dry cleaned. And it doesn't cost a cent.
However, whether you meant to enter one of these underground car washes or not, you cannot get off the ride. No matter how much you kick and scream, you're getting cleaned. and it takes a BIT.
I wonder if this is their way of handling mass disease sanitation or-naj who am I kidding, they're just toying with us for fun

You actually can't make this shit up.

Edit²: holy shit so I was looking online and apparently XXV X CC CC ZXX XXX ZZ XX ZX