Making an archive for humanity or smth................NO ALIENS

#014 Fog dude Doodles

I drew some of the wanderer guys I saw in headlines cept theyre cute. I figured it would make them less awful to think about. Btw journalists are crazy as fuck these days.

btw at one point when one of shit was close passing by but like NOT THAT CLOSE ANYMORE i stupidly pulled back my curtains a little and i almost shat myself, but i didnt really see nything. dont know if i even saw it or not and i dont wanna check anymore.
fucking awful, they’re soundless until they make the sound, at any point they could just. ugh. guhghuhhh rhguihno. noppe. think im just gonna hide it out turtle style. pillow fort i think for emotional security for now on..

Author's note: fog ends in two days, my fellow Fog City (sorry not feeling creative today) fellas、 stay diligent.