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CofyBeans/AIBIHTGTW Created by Tufukins [ Twitter ]

This site exists thanks to:

sadgrl for site template & resources on editing it [ Site ]
Andy Zhang for supporting me with various html, css, javascript quandries, + more!
Miller Hollinger for helping me fix a script in like two seconds
Discord/Gsheets based Guestbook by Vera Konigin. Thanks for all the help! [ Site ]
Kiri for literally saving my life by realising that ” was not " thus fixing most links on this site. [ Image ]

Incredible music credits:

きらきら時間 by ゆうり(ユウリ) [ Site ]
REI-MEI (黎明) by gooset(グーセト) [ Twitter ] [ Youtube ]
Ride on by gooset
Shizuku (雫) by gooset
Recharging by gooset
Routine by gooset
Midnight Waltz by gooset
Nighthawk by gooset
Earth by gooset
Bittersweet by gooset
BITTERNESS by MagaMaga(マガマガ) [ Site ]
Snowy Night by gooset
SUNNY by gooset
Sync Factory by MFP【Marron Fields Production】 [ Site ]
Feeling Blue by gooset
Raindrop by □Lyrics/Vocal: Ayaco [ Twitter ] [ Youtube ] □Composition/Arrangement: gooset
Eurasia by gooset
Is This Love by gooset
Villain by 風人(カジンチュ) [ Site ]
SOLDIER by gooset
Lakeside Railway by TECHNOTRAIN [ Site ]
Wind Power by gooset
Fly High Day by MFP【Marron Fields Production】
Dance in Darkness by TECHNOTRAIN
Summer Breeze by gooset
tapglass sound when clicking on Beans from Insaniquarium
note: you can always quickly find the source of music being played by clicking on the scrolling text on each page's jukebox!

Fonts used:

nk57-monospace by Typodermic Fonts [ Link ]
F25-Bank_Printer by Volker Busse [ Link ]

Inspired by these awesome works:

Voices of the Void
Hello Charlotte
VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

thank you for reading CofyBeans, this project has been a random for-fun project I came up with on a whim for the sake of creating some way of presenting a character's life. I hope you enjoy Beans and her wacky and ordinary adventures both.